Friday, December 31, 2010

Handout for Presentation(s)

Here is the first draft of a handout for my presentation at CCIRA (Colorado Council of International Reading Association) conference on Feb 3 - 5.

This is my first presentation and I'm assuming my audience is just beginning to explore integrating technology with literacy. Any critique is welcomed since I'm a newbie at all of this.

To be honest, I'm even uncertain about having a handout...shouldn't we be doing this paperless?

I'm working on a prezi which will incorporate the same information as the handout and will post it here in the next week or so.
Thanks for your feedback.

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  1. Tami- I would create a site or a wiki to house the document with all your links and site info. Sounds like you've done some amazing things with students!!! It'd be great for you to share how you get students to actually do the work outside of the classroom. With the lack of computers in many schools this would be a great thing to share.